Water, a key element of Life, by Lydia Kindheart

A seed is dry and dormant before it absorbs water.  With water, the seed sprouts and the life process begins; an almond into a tree.

The waterways flow, through the earth, rivulets and creeks traveling to and from lakes and oceans.  The dew and fog lift in the morning dawn, the sunlight warming the air, the mist carries, turning into clouds and the water journey travels through tiny blades of grass, trees and the blood that runs through our veins.  Water is life.

Our first experience is basking in the warm water of our mother’s womb.  Welcome to life!  Realizing this interaction, this relationship is critical to our own personal wellness and the health and vibrancy of all life forms.  We all depend on water.

The quality of water we drink is critical.  Just as where our food comes from.
Is it from a pure spring?  Is it tap water full of chemicals?  Is it filtered, yet lost its vibrancy sitting in metal or plastic pipes?  Yes, water is alive & can loose its shine just like anything else can.

We can ignite and support that life force.  We can charge water, (Masaru Emoto has written books on the power of charging water), it is tested and true that through emblems, words & intention, water can be charged as everything does carry a vibration.

Glass verses plastic.  Plastic is an unstable toxic product that affects our hormones and who knows how many negative effects are unknown to us at this time.  Not too mention the billions of plastic bottles shipped from Fiji.  Who else knows where else used once are disposed of, disposed to where, over there?

Everywhere is our backyard.  Filter your water, store it in a glass bottle, and add mint, rosemary or lavender leaf in it.  Charge water with life, life begets life!

As water beings ~ yes we are mostly made of water. A watermelon is 90% water and we are around 80%.  Yes, we are juicy beings, or should be.  Most elderly people end up in emergency rooms for being dehydrated.  Cooked foods and grains can be drying as well as coffee and sodas.

Drink more water and eat hydrating foods.  Drink nutrient green filled drinks.

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