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Healthy lifestyle choices are life saving; and going for organic food helps people avoid medical complications that occur from ingesting toxic chemicals found in non organic foods. Food researchers have exposed many unhealthy toxic addictives added in food as preservatives that are alarmingly unhealthy. Organic food is healthy, wholesome and more nutritive than its non organic components and this is an open secret. Increasingly, produce that come to local supermarkets are from huge farming corporations which is a call for concern because of the unhealthy farming practices. These include methods that are harmful and unhealthy to human consumption. The use of aggressive pesticides, irradiation and genetic modification organisms in food production and production makes non organic foods toxic and unhealthy.

The aggressive use of pesticides in farming is unhealthy both to human beings and the environment. Organic farmers use pesticides too but these are usually plant based which are natural as opposed to the synthetic pesticides used by non organic farmers. For products to be certified as organic, they must meet national standards which stipulate a minimum use of pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Pesticides have toxic materials that are dangerous to health when consumed over time. Non organic fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries and more are sprayed with over thirty pesticides before maturation. These chemicals sip into the fruits and washing them does not help since they are now incorporated. Against this cautionary note, some people will claim that a little amount of toxic chemical is not harmful. True, but the harm comes with consumption in the long run. Some of the harmful effects that pesticides have include cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. In acute cases, these chemicals can hurt fetuses in the womb.

Another way in which non organic foods are toxic is through radiation practices used to preserve the integrity of food. The process of irradiation is intended to protect food from perishing yet statistics has indicated that this method destroys most of the vitamins contained in the food. It also produces toxic byproducts that are harmful. According to health contributor Sayer Ji in an article titled “the Invisible Nuclear Threat within Non-Organic Food” the irradiation of food is like the process of nuking. Ji uses graphic images like nuclear catastrophes like those experienced in Hiroshima and Fukushima to describe this horrid practice. Although irradiation as a method of preservation is approved by the FDA in which cobalt 60 from nuclear reactors is used as pasteurizing agents. The claim is that the doses of radiation are very low and cannot be harmful, but surely the ingestion of large amounts will definitely cause serious health consequences.

Equally, genetically modified organisms are also used to enhance the growth of specific foods that lead to negative health consequences for people. Rice production has suffered from this scrutiny as early as 2006; US rice was mingled with genetically modified organisms dictated to be harmful to health. This cost the industry billions in revenue since most countries refused to buy US rice as a result of this unhealthy practice. The utilization of genetically modified substances in food growth is to ensure mass production and this can only benefit the big food manufacturers. The fact that FDA and other regulatory bodies seem to do nothing to decry these disgraceful practices makes the condition abhorrent. It goes without saying that lobbyists for these enterprises have the funds to bend laws in their favor despite the evidence. The prudent thing for the ordinary American therefore is to go organic in order to avoid the poisonous toxics that are in non organic food.

Ignorance is costly as evident in the harmful toxic chemicals people consume in foods without realizing the health implications. Non organic food is usually farmed and preserved in bulk and most large scale producers are interested in making a profit. As a result, they go for farming methods like using harmful pesticides and genetically modified organisms as well as irradiation preservation ways that are very unhealthy. On the contrary, organic food is regulated and even when pesticides are used, they are plant based and the used is very limited. Opting for organic food is opting for a healthier and happier life.

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