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Dear Lydia, I work at San Francisco airport and have discovered your products at Napa Farms Market. I am so happy I have because they are delicious! especially the Kale Krunchies! Thank you for creating such awesome, yummy, energizing products!
Ashley B.
The care and love that went into Lydia's Sunflower Cafe food was awesome. It was a sad day for me when I learned she was closing her restaurant in Petaluma. I would never consider myself a raw foodie or a vegan, but I got hooked on the menu and wished I could eat like that every day! I brought so many friends under the guise of listening to great music but once they tasted the food they became devotees as well. Out of town friends couldn't wait to go to Lydia's and said there was nothing like it where they lived. I look forward to ordering from her Catering business.
Marjorie S
I have been a fan of Lydia's for years! Her meals are incredible, her treats are irresistible and most importantly the love she puts into everything is inspiring and heartwarming. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything she and her products stand for, and of course how they taste and how they make me feel....and that's AWEsome!
Merina T
I have worked with Lydia's to provide food for at least four festivals and in other settings. The food is completely unique, is prepared with high quality, organic ingredients and is always a crowd pleaser. Also I like the family feeling and responsiveness of Lydia and the staff. Personally I adore the green soup, crave the smoothies and love the desserts. Vegetarians and vegans are an important part of the communities we serve and we have many health-conscious attendees and others who all enjoy the flavorful and healthful menu. Highly recommended!
Hannah D
Lydia's desserts are supremely creamy, delicious, and satisfying! Lydia's Green Alkalizing Soup fills me with the true pleasure of being really healthy! There are few experiences as blissful as Lydia's vegan pizza with wild mushrooms - I am an extreme cheese-loving non-vegan, but the Cashew Cheez doesn't need to justify its existence; it is truly wonderful in its own right.All you need is Love - the love in, and the love of, Lydia's Lovin' Foods is one of the things the world really needs!
Molly B
I love Lydia's food, is delicious and healthy. I feel safe eating her items, cause I trust that everything she makes has great quality organic and vegan ingredients with no hidden fillers. I also admire her passion for educating people in how to eat healthy and protect animals and the environment.Thanks to her I am aware now of many of my bad vegetarian habits ( lot of starch and gluten ) and I have become an avid juicer. Also, is because of her food that I discovered how yummy vegan food can be and all the possibilities that you have to be a creative cook without using animal products and chemical foods.My favorite Lydia's recipes are; the crepes, the raw curry, the purple goddess salad, her chlorophyll boost drink and hot ginger lemonade, the kale chips, the pizzas and the green power balls!! :P
Adriana C
Santa Rosa, CA / From Yelp
Lydia's food tastes awesome and is good for you. Her passion shines through the food. She only uses quality organic ingredients. My husband and I would drive all of the way from Walnut Creek to her Fairfax location then to her Petaluma location and we were never disappointed. We even brought our grandmother along for the ride once and she loved the food!Our favorites include the crepes, purple goddess salad, kale salad, and the burger on the buffkin bun. She also makes a corn free tamale which is good! The raw desserts are delicious as well. I've have tried all of her dishes in the restaurant and was never disappointed.I would highly recommend her for your next event!
Shauna B
Anything Lydia does is done with integrity! An amazing person and business in the Bay Area. I have driven miles to her business and purchased many delicious meals to go from Whole Foods. She is an educator a business owner who gives back on many levels to the community and a joyful inspiration.
Sharon C
I love this food! I've eaten it at various festivals, Bioneers Conference, etc. I love the shitake-greens crepe with pesto - delicious. Also the kale chips, Goddess burger, purple cabbage salad, and the desserts. [...] I appreciate that I can find food here that is gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free and sugar-free. Healthy food that's also yummy.
Dana D
I Love Lydia's "Loving" Foods" Whole heartedly! It's a true blessing to be living in this amazing community of like-minded beings. Thank you so much, Lydia, for all the beauty you bring to us (Through your delicious food) You make this world a better place! Many Thanks
Cyrelle M