Toxic Non Organic Food

August 22nd, 2017|Health and Wellness|

Organic Food Healthy lifestyle choices are life saving; and going for organic food helps people avoid medical complications that occur from ingesting toxic chemicals found in non organic foods. Food researchers have exposed many unhealthy toxic addictives added in food as preservatives that are alarmingly unhealthy. Organic food is healthy, wholesome and more nutritive than

Water, a key element of Life, by Lydia Kindheart

April 30th, 2017|Health and Wellness|

A seed is dry and dormant before it absorbs water.  With water, the seed sprouts and the life process begins; an almond into a tree. The waterways flow, through the earth, rivulets and creeks traveling to and from lakes and oceans.  The dew and fog lift in the morning dawn, the sunlight warming the air,

Alkalize Your Life with Green Soup!

September 3rd, 2015|Health and Wellness|

Alkalize Your Life with Green Soup! Lydia's famous Alkalizing Green Soup has been heralded as one of the great elixers of our age. What are the key-benefits of this amazing alchemy of rejuvenation, taste, and health? Click the button below to read more about Lydia's Famous Alkalizing Green Soup, and what it can do to


August 3rd, 2015|Health and Wellness|

-Watermelon:  One of Lydia’s personal top picks.  Watermelon will flush and hydrate you and is packed full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals.  It is also the world’s greatest source of lycopene – a powerful antioxidant.  Watermelon is considered a nutrient dense food.  Ask for pure, organic, freshly-squeezed, seasonal watermelon juice at Lydia’s Market. -From Lydia's


April 21st, 2015|Health and Wellness|

-Dairy is made from the milk that is chemically and hormonally matched to that species’ baby.  Not to us.  A bovine calf grows extremely fast and is a very large animal in comparison to us.  Cows are kept constantly pregnant via artificial insemination (for lifelong milk production) and their calves are instantly taken from their mothers

The Standard Western Diet

April 14th, 2015|Health and Wellness|

The Standard Western Diet mostly includes acid-forming foods.  Acid-forming foods are usually packaged, pasteurized, boiled, chemically preserved, and altered in some form from its natural state.  This includes fried foods and oil which has been heated (including roasted nuts).  Acid-forming foods are known for their cell-destructive nature and difficulty in digestion.  The standard high-fat, high-sodium


April 14th, 2015|Health and Wellness|

-GMO:  GM plants produce toxic pesticides that permeates the plant’s tissues.  This toxic “bug killer” has been found surging in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn fetuses.  Animal studies (which we don’t condone) have shown organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility.  Inter-specie genes in GM plants can transfer


April 14th, 2015|Health and Wellness|

Do you salivate and think, "delicious" when you see a cow? -Meat studies have shown that it can putrefy in the bowels before it exits, lacks in fiber, is high in fat, is too high in protein to process effectively, and has a huge environmental impact.  It is a well-known statistic that it takes a staggering