Our Mission

Is to help the planet and the next seven generations flourish by making nourishing vegan, organic, raw, cooked and gluten-free foods that cultivate a healthy and joyful life for all. Each day we strive to create environments of nourishment and community by supporting local farms, health food education and community outreach. Ultimately we want our food to become accessible to everyone on Earth.

Our Values

  • PROTECT the planet, people and animals
  • RESPECT the interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life
  • PROMOTE a future emphasizing ecological sustainability
  • CONTRIBUTE positively to our communities and our world
  • INFLUENCE positive choices by people and other businesses
  • ENABLE healthy human livelihood through cooperation, education, and community

Our Sustainable Business Practices

  • We take utmost care for the preservation of the living vitality and nutrition of ingredients
  • We create convenient alternatives to commonly available commercial snacks
  • We support organic farmers and disallow GMO’s, refined sugars, and hydrogenated oils
  • We believe in fostering trust with all stakeholders, from suppliers to retailers to customers
  • We mitigate our environmental impact in production, packaging and operations
  • We market the most nutritious and holistically wholesome food as possible

Loving foods for the body, mind and soul!

With over 30 years of wholesome culinary practice, Lydia Kindheart carefully crafts nutritive, handmade recipes. Lydia’s small batch artisanal creations, using sprouted seeds and nuts, and low temperature dehydration, provides you and your family with truly nutritious and holistically wholesome food.

Come say, “Hi!” to Lydia at her mini-market in beautiful Sonoma County, have Lydia and her staff cater your next small or massive event, and enjoy Lydia’s Cuisine at your favorite West Coast Festivals!

Manufactured with Love in Petaluma, California by LydiasFoods.com


Anything Lydia does is done with integrity! An amazing person and business in the Bay Area. I have driven miles to her business and purchased many delicious meals to go from Whole Foods. She is an educator a business owner who gives back on many levels to the community and a joyful inspiration.
Sharon C
I love this food! I've eaten it at various festivals, Bioneers Conference, etc. I love the shitake-greens crepe with pesto - delicious. Also the kale chips, Goddess burger, purple cabbage salad, and the desserts. [...] I appreciate that I can find food here that is gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free and sugar-free. Healthy food that's also yummy.
Dana D
I Love Lydia's "Loving" Foods" Whole heartedly! It's a true blessing to be living in this amazing community of like-minded beings. Thank you so much, Lydia, for all the beauty you bring to us (Through your delicious food) You make this world a better place! Many Thanks
Cyrelle M

We are proud that so many of our products have been honored for our continued standards of quality.

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