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Lydia Kindheart’s Bio

Born in Paris, France – Lydia spent much of her youth exploring a holistic lifestyle of yoga, herbs and vegetarianism.  She developed a strong sense of compassion towards others at an early age and in the spirit of empathy with people who were starving, went on a 6-day fast at just 13 years of age in order to experience what it really felt like to be hungry.  An avid reader, Lydia began seeking answers to many questions.  Books like “Garden of Eden” as well as ones by Anne Wigmore and Arnold Ehret changed her life and inspired her to experiment.  At age 15 Lydia moved to Petaluma, California and found herself amidst a community of like-minded individuals.

Lydia’s first breakthrough came during a 10-day fast at age 16 when she experienced the connection between cleansing the body and cleansing the mind.  Deeply inspired by this spiritual epiphany, Lydia started to fast in remote places and her life forever changed:  The Parisian city girl became a vegetarian nature lover!  For the next ten years Lydia traveled around the US and Mexico, following the sun and many adventures.  Inspired by the Essene teaching, an eighteen-year-old Lydia sun-baked her first sprouted bread on a boulder in the desert.

Here began the journey toward the creation of her raw foods business.  In 1991, Lydia gave birth to her daughter Sonya, one of the inspirations and great joys of her life.  Continuing to experiment with food dehydration at her restaurant and festivals between California and Maui, Lydia, a gypsy at heart, settled in California to launch her first food dehydration company. Following her passion of nurturing people through food and wanting to make a difference in the world, Lydia opened a small raw food deli in Fairfax, California in 1996 with the intention of offering food that was consciously selected and prepared with love.

Through her brands of food, festival and private catering, restaurants, and community work, Lydia became a forerunner in the Organic, Vegan, and Raw food industries.  In continuing to fulfill her vision of creating community gathering space to share food, knowledge and creativity.  Lydia opened the Sunflower Center, a restaurant and community center in Petaluma, California in December 2011.  The Center is a thriving space for local and small businesses, farmers, artists, musicians, healers and the community at large to mingle, develop relationships and share stories, projects and inspiration.  It is a place for children to play, explore, learn and develop a love for the planet.  And of course, it is ahot spot for organic, nourishing and whole foods served fresh every day.  With live music jams, monthly community juice cleanses, vegan meet-ups and many other groups, classes and circles happening at The Center, Lydia is successfully living her dreams of offering conscious food as a powerful and personal medium for reconnecting people and the planet.